Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Deval Patrick Throws In Hat in MA Governor's Race

Republican Governor Mitt Romney has to go- he spends more time outside of Massachusetts than he does in, in order to increase his national profile for a possible Presidential run in 2008. We need someone to deal with the problems of Massachusetts- healthcare, poverty, job loss, equal rights. We don't need someone who cynically chose to run (and win) the office of Governor of Massachusetts for the sole purpose of increasing his chances to be President down the road.

I have signed up to be a Deval Patrick voluneer and I hope you will check out his website, whether or not you are from Massachusetts. He needs our help as he is a dark horse candidate without immediate name recognition, but hopefully that will change soon.

check out http://www.devalpatrick.com/

From his website:

From Deval: Why I'm Running
Submitted by Sean Robertson on Tue, 05/03/2005 - 10:40pm.-->
Dear Friend,
Thank you for visiting DevalPatrick.com, the official site for my campaign for Governor.
I am running for Governor because the challenges facing us cry out for strong, creative leadership, and because that is the kind of leadership I can and want to bring to the people of Massachusetts.
Living the American Dream
I came to Massachusetts 35 years ago from the South Side of Chicago when I was 14. I had attended segregated, violent and ill-equipped public schools. A scholarship to attend Milton Academy brought me here in 1970 -- and changed my life.
I went to college and law school here, the first in my family to do either. I practiced law here. My wife and I have raised a family here for most of the last 19 years. I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve my community as a lawyer and a volunteer; to serve my country as a senior official under President Clinton in the United States Department of Justice; and to serve the customers, employees and shareholders of two of the largest companies in the world as a business executive. Still, I was taught that the measure of success is not what you get, but what you pass on.
Passing it On
It was Massachusetts people, programs and institutions that prepared me for and exposed me to those opportunities. But the bigger lesson for me here in Massachusetts was about how to reach beyond my grasp, how to believe in what’s possible. It was here that I learned to believe in the American Dream. That’s what I want to pass on.
Jobs and Our Economy
In Massachusetts today, we need leadership in the governor’s office that works to expand our economy and create good jobs for everyone. A credible governor can partner with business leaders to be a powerful salesman for economic growth in this State. But he has to believe in Massachusetts and her people. I do.
I have been a leader in two of the largest corporations in the world. I have served as counsel for small and medium-sized businesses, too. I understand the importance of ready access to capital, to willing markets and to well-prepared talent. I want a business-friendly Massachusetts, so that we can have jobs and economic vitality that we can count on.
Public Education
In Massachusetts today, we need more than education reform. We need an education renaissance. We deserve a comprehensive public education agenda that begins with early childhood education and continues through public colleges and universities. A credible governor, willing to work side-by-side with mayors and other local authorities, can lead us to a public education system second to none in the Nation. But he has to believe in Massachusetts and her people. I do.
Health Care
In Massachusetts today, we need health care for everyone at reasonable cost. No one accepts that the system we have works well enough. And the public health system has been so devastated that we are treating serious illnesses now at high cost that could have been prevented altogether if addressed early on. Even those of us who have health insurance can find it frustrating to access it. For those suffering from Alzheimer’s, diabetes or other genetic illnesses, stem cell research must be supported and encouraged, not politicized. A credible governor, willing to work alongside the legislature and with the medical, biotech and business communities, can build a better system. But he has to believe in Massachusetts and her people. I do.
Leadership Matters
Addressing these needs and many others demands strong, creative leadership. But that is not the kind of leadership we have today. Today, our governor ridicules the office he holds and the people he serves. Today, our governor governs by press conference and photo op, not by results. The current administration confers primarily with itself, not with the people they have a duty to serve. Meanwhile, with the departure of companies like Gillette, John Hancock and Fleet Bank, we are on our way to becoming America’s back office.
Old politics is getting us nowhere. Old politics is about partisan blood sport and “gotcha” games. Old politics is about electing governors who show no serious interest in serving the common good. Old politics is an insider’s game where a few set the rules, decide whose turn it is to run, and then focus on how to win elections, rather than why we should.
The Politics of Hope
I believe that an enlightened government has a role to play in helping to make all of our lives better. I believe that each us has a stake in our neighbor’s dreams and struggles as well as our own. I believe in the American Dream, and want to work to put it within reach of more people here in Massachusetts.
That’s the politics of hope. That’s what I bring to this campaign and what I will bring to the office of Governor of Massachusetts.
I welcome your support and your participation. To learn more, please tour the website and check back for news and updates.
Thank you,