Sunday, June 12, 2005

This Just In!!! Another Top Secret British Document Leaked to Media

Well, it looks like the rabbit hole goes deeper than we thought. Today, the London Times broke a story revealing that an "excuse" for going to war needed to be found to justify it and make it legal. In other words, despite what Tony Blair and George Bush were saying at the time about Saddam being a major threat to the U.S. and the world, his having WMDs and supporting terrorism, they themselves didn't believe that, or they wouldn't have had to find an "excuse" would they? When you take this document together with the Downing Street Memo, all the President's pre-war statements at the time of the memos you have a clear picture of a President lying to justify a policy and action that he knows to be illegal.

I quickly scanned the major mainstream news websites and guess what? No coverage of this latest development. What a surprise. I just emailed CNN about it and decided I would be helpful and send them the article below so they could just cut and paste it onto their website- you know, just in case they are too busy to do the research themselves.

Please click on the link for the article from the London Times:,,2087-1650822,00.html